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Importance of
IP management

Incorporating the primary entity that holds all IP of your business offshore can go along way to setting your company up for success and avoid challenges down the road.

Intellectual Property

Housing your IP in a country with restrictive exchange control and reserve bank regulations makes it very difficult and costly to transfer IP offshore if needed.

Investor/exit considerations

Investors will be deterred by structures that introduce friction into the deal process or add costs, complexity or risk.

Most investors prefer investing via a structure set up in credible, stable jurisdiction with limited risk and one that they understand.

International Trading

Incorporating in a strategic 1st world location facilitates easy trading with international partners.

Political/country risk

Holding IP in a 3rd world/developing country can expose your business to political risk or volatility that is beyond your control. An entity in a credible 1st world jurisdiction mitigates these risks.


Why UK?

The United Kingdom is a global economic powerhouse with London being regarded as one of the best startup ecosystems in the world - the largest in Europe - as well as being considered the 'financial capital of the world'.

Establish world-class credibility with a UK office address.

Strong economy and currency

Quick set up

Access to capital

Potential Investor tax incentives

Attractive to international investors

Political stability


Access to European & other markets

Why us?

simple.Structures was created by the simple.Capital team from our experience as professional investors and advisors.


We have engaged with hundreds of startups around the world and have seen so many early-stage founders tripping themselves up with poor structuring in sub-optimal jurisdictions.


We want to help founders avoid these mistakes by setting up their corporate structure correctly as early as possible.



  • Basic

    Every month
    UK Limited Company, bank account and annual compliance.
    • UK Limited company set up
    • UK office address
    • UK bank account
    • Annual filings and compliance
    • Annual Financial Statements
    • Tax returns
  • Plus

    Every month
    Basic + IP managment services
    • All features included in Basic plan
    • UK Director appointed to your board
    • 4 board meetings per year
    • 4 signing requests per year
  • Pro

    Every month
    Plus features + advanced IP management and strategic input
    • All Plus features included
    • 12 board meetings per year
    • 12 signing requests per year
    • Monthly sessions to provide strategic input


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